Grant Application Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Foundation accept unsolicited grant requests?
The Foundation only accepts solicited applications at this time. However, referrals from current or previous grantees will also be considered. Please be advised an inquiry request by the Foundation is not a guarantee of funding.
What kinds of organizations does the Foundation support?
Organizations seeking Foundation funds in the United States must be registered as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Organizations requesting support in Turkey must be legally registered entities established for a charitable purpose.

The Foundation does not provide grants to individuals or for debt financing.
What types of grants does the Foundation support?
The Foundation supports civil society types of organizations in the United States and Turkey whose missions complement the Program Areas (Criminal Justice Reform, Environment, and Culture, Communications, and Civic Life). Grants to organizations in the United States will be considered for specific programs or projects, general operating support, and multi-year endeavors. Grants to organizations in Turkey will be considered for specific projects only.
What is the application process for solicited grant requests?
The Foundation utilizes a two-part grant application process, and both parts must be submitted through the online portal. Part I applications can only be submitted after receiving a link from Foundation staff. Once a Part I application is submitted, it will be reviewed within 30 days to determine if the endeavor fits within the Foundation’s current priorities and goals. If it is determined the endeavor is a good match, the Foundation will request a Part II application and supporting documentation be submitted. The Chrest Foundation Board of Directors will only vote on completed Part II applications at Board meetings. Staff will inform organizations of the Board’s decision promptly after the Board meeting date.
What are the application deadlines?
Part I applications may be submitted at any time. However, the Foundation requires all Part II applications and supporting documentation be received by the deadlines indicated below:
Part II Deadlines for 2024
January 22
May 11
July 29
November 5
If a proposal is deemed to still be “in process” by staff one week before the Board meeting date, it will be reviewed at the following Board meeting.
What is an appropriate amount to request when submitting a request?
The amount requested is entirely dependent on the nature of the endeavor for which funds are being requested. All organizations are encouraged to discuss possible request amounts with Foundation staff before submitting a Part I application. It may also be helpful for potential applicants to review the Foundation’s Grants Awarded page to see the types and amounts of grants the Foundation has previously awarded.
When can organizations expect to receive funding for approved requests?
Approved requests will receive funding no later than two to three weeks after the request is approved. If for some reason payment cannot be delivered within that timeframe, Foundation staff will contact the organization.
Potential applicants are encouraged to review Chrest Foundation’s Approach to Grantmaking page for more information about the Foundation’s grantmaking philosophy.