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The Trust for Public Land


Chrest Foundation’s commitment to the environment stems from a profound appreciation for the natural world and a recognition of the deeply rooted interrelatedness between humanity and nature. Humanity derives vast benefits from nature, on the individual, societal, and systemic levels. However, the scales have tipped to such a degree that our relationship with nature has become fundamentally exploitative and extractive, leading, in part, to the devastating impacts of climate change now being experienced all around the world. For the sake of numerous life forms and vulnerable ecosystems that exist today, as well as for those of future generations, it is vitally important we uphold our individual and collective responsibilities as stewards of our shared natural resources.

The Foundation wishes to honor and celebrate the transformative power of nature, ensuring that we expand the possibilities for a respectful and balanced relationship with the natural world. We seek to achieve this aim through supporting efforts that create positive, generative connections with nature, while also addressing the core causes of climate change. To protect the environment, we must confront the climate challenge head on, particularly through a rapid reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and through safeguarding our public lands, which have been used far too often in ways that are detrimental to the natural world.

  • Current goals driving the Foundation’s investments:
  • Increase, protect, and enhance public green spaces
  • Promote a conservation ethos in society
  • Educate the public about the causes and effects of climate change
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions

  • Examples of the types of nonprofit organizations/programs in which the Foundation plans to invest:
  • Protection of public lands and natural resources
  • Advocacy, communications, and public awareness efforts to educate the public on key environmental issues, including proposed solutions to current and future problems
  • Advancement, research, and promotion of alternative forms of energy
  • Conferences and research publications

The Foundation primarily prioritizes Texas and Colorado-based environmental efforts, but it is also open to working in other areas in the United States, as well as on endeavors with a nation-wide focus.

Please refer to the Criminal Justice Reform and Culture, Communications, and Civic Life pages for more information on Chrest Foundation's other program areas.

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